Business cards & letterheads

22 Apr

It’s sort of sad that, in our second year we have never really explored the whole business card/ letterhead thing. Logo’s are another that we have not yet really looked at – just something we gloss over on the way to something else, we have designed a lot of them but have we really been taught to design them? Does anyone ever get ‘taught’ how to design them, or is it just something that we just develop. Is there anything worth teaching or are those type of things just an accumulation of design skills combined to create something slightly useful and good to look at.

my letterhead so far:


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One response to “Business cards & letterheads

  1. Sue Charlotte

    April 23, 2010 at 11:21 am

    It is appropriate timing that we’re now thinking about representing ourselves via a business card and letterhead. It may be only after sufficient design practice that we are able to do this effectively. And as our design practice constantly evolves, maybe our business card and letterhead should also have some flexibility built in.


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