Posters, flyers and such

01 Jun

Some of the work I have been doing has been for the Murwillumbah Theatre company (yes I learnt to spell Murwillumbah pretty quickly) who were generous enough to take on a student. It was a bit frightening for me and I soon learnt to combine the best ideas I had with the verbal clues given over the telephone as to what was desired by the director of the play. She, no doubt, had a predetermined idea of what she wanted and how she wanted it presented, so after chatting for a while I came up with some pretty good samples.

The poster was the easiest bit as I have had a bit of experience with those as well as with the flyers, but I was a bit terrified of the banner, it was only lately that I found out all I had to do for the banner was to supply the artwork to the sign writers and they took care of the rest. Phew! I like sign writers, actually I would really enjoy being a sign writer and if ever a sign writer (beginner) job came up I would love to try for it.

Anyway… the caravan idea is obvious I suppose, as it’s what the play is themed around – three couples on holidays together in one caravan, in the Northern part of NSW, as well as all the hijinks that naturally go along with it. I can’t tell you all about it as I really think if you live in this area of Australia then you should get along to see it, if you don’t well go see another play anyway, it’s good for the soul.

This is what I have ended up with for the poster:

and the flyer

I don’t have a picture of the banner and am still working on the programme. Don’t forget, if you live in the area go see a play. I went to the high School production last week, which was the musical “All Shook Up” and it was filled with teenage energy which does seem to rub off onto the audience sometimes and it certainly energised me – I felt great when we left.

What was your favourite stage play, when did you see it and what did you love about it?


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One response to “Posters, flyers and such

  1. beipsyestuabs

    June 12, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    Interesting article.


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