Adobe CS5 Roadshow

10 Jun

The Adobe Roadshow to promote the new CS5 suite was in the city in Brisbane, another student and myself went along to see what they had to show for themselves. It was well presented and organised with all the speakers happy and working to a tight schedule. They kept us entertained by communication one on one with the audience and bribing us to join in by giving away many a rubics cube to people with good suggestions or correct answers. Of course the free coffee was great too, nothing like a room full of designers with free coffee, looking at more than 250 new features that are going to make their work of design, print and production easier, faster and more efficient.

The biggest news of the entire event, aside from all the small but important improvements, for Adobe would of been the release of the new Flash Catalyst which is intended to facilitate the work of designers with regard to creation of interactive content. “From now on designers will have possibility to create expressive Web application interfaces and design interaction without writing code.” It seems to be simple enough for designers familiar with photoshop, illustrator and indesign to transform their artwork and images created in these applications into interactive user interfaces in web sites and application graphics by applying interactions without having to write code.

Dreamweaver has some fantastic new additions to keep up with the technology of today with the inclusion of HTML5 abilities. Adobe has created easy to use workflows for inserting illustrator documents and flash animations into web pages, making these workflows possible just shows that Adobe isn’t just including HTML5 as a specification, but intents to make full use of its functionalities, even if it means that some of it might replace features provided by their own tools.

Indesign has been improved greatly with usability simplified and has became an overall more flexable and effecient tool, they have also given it the skills to use the same layouts as used for print to use for publishing ibooks. Terry White, Technical Resources Manager for Adobe Systems Inc, has presented his new book “25 iPad Tips”, follow this link to watch:

As for Illustrator and Photoshop there are so many new and improved tools I can’t list them all here but my favourites were the perspective grids, the width tool and the multiple art board tool which can sort, name and list art boards in Illustrator. Photoshop had a CONTENT AWARE button, which solves any problems you might possibly ever have (I need one of those in real life). The refine edge tool has been improved and the radius tool makes blending easier. The spot healing brush has got a content aware button and the brushes and 3D capabilities are a lot more like those in Illustrator. The coolest for me was definitely the puppet warp tool which was like a hands on transform tool which was able to transform any way possible.

I’m glad I went, but now I’ll be busy entering every competition possible to win a CS5 suite so I might be missing for a while….


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One response to “Adobe CS5 Roadshow

  1. rita Masarin

    June 14, 2010 at 11:39 am

    Great post Robyn, thats the sort of attention you want.


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