Packaging is my Cup of Tea

10 Jun

This  is posted by a guest blogger: Rita Masarin.

Starting from the first stage of our tea packaging assignment using 6 thinking hats   created by Edward d Bono ‘s  decision making technique  We too had to create our own thinking hats and wear them while role playing our coloured hats.  To the next stage  (  really fun bit) ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’. Whilst we were brain storming  and blogging our tea packaging ideas we were getting onto some yummy cake tasting and sipping exotic teas.

I have decided to aim my tea packaging to the exotic tea market. Keeping the overall base look clean- white , just adding  minimal colour- storm clouds  and the tea strength indicator.

The project is still in it’s protoype stage so any suggestion to the look of the packaging would be most welcome.

Two of the  packaging we created in the design foundation year. The CD cover was an 8 page booklet with a CD sleeve

The wine  logo  Tui Estate was printed on a transparent  adhesive label.                           .

If you are interested in art, design, cooking ,( tried and true recipes) information on experimental film then check my blog.

Thank you, Robyn


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