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This is the home page for a fantastic cleaning company in the southern Gold Coast I have been marketing and it’s taking off nicely. I have designed their logo, flyers, promotions, working on uniforms, their blog & twitter, the business cards, web site, facebook profile has to wait until funding and registration is finalised. Check it out and share it with anyone who might need their help, they are lovely ladies who enjoy their work.


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Business cards & letterheads

It’s sort of sad that, in our second year we have never really explored the whole business card/ letterhead thing. Logo’s are another that we have not yet really looked at – just something we gloss over on the way to something else, we have designed a lot of them but have we really been taught to design them? Does anyone ever get ‘taught’ how to design them, or is it just something that we just develop. Is there anything worth teaching or are those type of things just an accumulation of design skills combined to create something slightly useful and good to look at.

my letterhead so far:


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business cards cont…3

Ok, I have just been researching how to prepare the double-sided business card for print.

Summing up all the information I have found so far into words I can understand:

  1. decide on size (eg. 40 x 90 mm) and add 3mm bleed to each side so the document would be 46 x 96mm, be sure the settings are on 300 dpi and the colour is on cmyk.
  2. name the file, place the guides, place the background adjusting the saturation if necessary.
  3. export as a tiff file
  4. In indesign open a two page document – 40 x 90mm plus the 3mm bleed on each side.
  5. place the tiff files in the background, lining up with X & Y co-ordinates to get it exact then add any text needed.
  6. once finished save as print ready PDF & select press quality. Be sure to check crop marks at .25pt and offset at 5mm, also check the use document bleed settings.

That’s it, it’s all too simple when it’s written out like that isn’t it. Now I might go back & reduce the saturation on the background of one of them then see how I go.


My business cards cont..(2)

Still thinking about them and working on the original idea which I have firmly decided to steer away from as I have been researching printers in this area (as well as on the internet) and, for die cutting with a small amount of cards it will turn out to be extremely expensive. I was also having a bit of trouble working out the whole bleed and cutting marks situation for a curve as well, I will leave that sort of thing for when I have a bit more experience under my belt. Read the rest of this entry »