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Orchestra Poster refinements

In an earlier post I mentioned I was working on a promotional set of poster, flyer, ticket & newspaper ad, for the Northern Rivers Symphony Orchestra (click here to recap). We were doing this in Harry’s class for the conductor/founder of the orchestra who was having trouble attracting new/ young people.I liked the poster, especially the colours as they are unusually bright, but the font was a bit ‘blocky’, so I have just re-designed it with a better result, I think. have a look & tell me what you think.


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Another Book Cover

This time just a bit more in-depth, in Harry Williamson’s class this time, we have been looking at the whole printing and publishing process involved with producing a book ready for the public. The different parts of the book that the designer has to take into consideration if they are working for a publisher,things on the structure and body like: the paper type, typesetting, imposition, signatures, case materials, blocking, binding, head bands, case, jacket and end papers.
Then on the inside with the pages there is…

the 1/2 title, full title, imprint page, contents page, preface/intro, sections & chapters, notes on the text, index, bibliography and further or recommended reading.

The text should be easy enough you think, once you get the grids, margins, print area, text, baseline grid, headings, sub-headings, captions, footnotes, running heads and folios sorted, that’s about all there is to consider when building a simple novel.

Once that is all sorted and written down, (because there is no way you will remember the list, never mind all the things you have decided on, the sizes, measurements, paper Read the rest of this entry »


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Australia brings in $30 note!

I can hardly believe it myself, but, yes it’s just what the Australian economy needs. How many times have you got to the shops and had to hand over $40 for something that costs $30 and then spend minutes waiting around for your change?

Imagine how easy life would be with the new and easy to use $30 note, no more spending 10 minutes hunting through every pocket for a $10 note, or a handful of change, just to avoid waiting 30 seconds for the cashier to give you change from a 50!

WELL, those days are no more. That’s right, NO MORE!

The new $30 note is not only convenient but it is so attractive you will want to scan it and use it as a screen saver so you can see it for evermore. With its loveable icons features on its themed around the unsung Aussie hero’s of the garden shed: the Hills hoist founder (Lance Hill) and the Victa lawnmower founder (Mervyn Victor Richardson) both who worked tirelessly in their backyard sheds to improve Australia, from the backyard out. Harry Williamson is teaching us to do the best we can, and with his encouragement I feel I am almost doing the best I can.

Well I bet you are just waiting on the edge of your seats to see it, and here it is… yes the most convenient, most attractive, most wanted by the Australian people… the 30 dollar note, as designed by Robyn Rand:

side A

Side B


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Semi-Permanent Conference – Brisbane

Friday 4th of July at the convention centre in Brissie City was a meeting place for all things design, this was part of a week long celebration of Graphic Design, Film, Art, Illustration and more which happens annually in four cities around Australia and New Zealand. I took a few notes during the conference and will share my experience with you now, sadly none of the photos I took turned out well enough to publish but (I hope they don’t mind) I have borrowed a photo of each speaker from the Semi-Permanent facebook site just so I could remember them better, and show them to you. THANKS to semi-Permanent.

The venue was sold out and we were lucky to get seats together with a good view of the speaker and screen, there ended up being 21 of us and we did walk in a little late. The first speaker was Louise from Frankie magazine who gave us some helpful hints and tips on how to survive in the world of design – this is great as it is what we Read the rest of this entry »


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Currency creation

Harry Williamson, one of our lecturers (who I’m absolutely in awe of) has given us a very interesting assignment, mainly to teach us to summarise our work and sort it in an orderly enough fashion that will let us construct an acceptable re-briefing letter. We are to design a bank-note, organise the images, value, security, etc. as well as work out how many hours this will take us for billing purposes, the entire printing processes involved, cost & time of said printing processes as well as many many other issues that would be involved in the making of this currency. Read the rest of this entry »


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