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Orchestra Poster refinements

In an earlier post I mentioned I was working on a promotional set of poster, flyer, ticket & newspaper ad, for the Northern Rivers Symphony Orchestra (click here to recap). We were doing this in Harry’s class for the conductor/founder of the orchestra who was having trouble attracting new/ young people.I liked the poster, especially the colours as they are unusually bright, but the font was a bit ‘blocky’, so I have just re-designed it with a better result, I think. have a look & tell me what you think.


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Posters, flyers and such

Some of the work I have been doing has been for the Murwillumbah Theatre company (yes I learnt to spell Murwillumbah pretty quickly) who were generous enough to take on a student. It was a bit frightening for me and I soon learnt to combine the best ideas I had with the verbal clues given over the telephone as to what was desired by the director of the play. She, no doubt, had a predetermined idea of what she wanted and how she wanted it presented, so after chatting for a while I came up with some pretty good samples.

The poster was the easiest bit as I have had a bit of experience with those as well as with the flyers, but I was a bit terrified of the banner, it was only lately that I found out all I had to do for the banner was to supply the artwork to the sign writers and they took care of the rest. Phew! I like sign writers, actually I would really enjoy Read the rest of this entry »


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more on the big picture

Enlarging the one I am working on by 550% gives me the idea of what it will look like in the end. I have compleated the last kayak and popped him in, added lips & eyes, and I really think it looks better with no details, just colours and lines that way. It really emanates the feeling of kayaking, simple, no fussy bits, just the necessary things like: you, the kayak, and the water (& the paddle). Read the rest of this entry »