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More Tea for breakfast

Last time I blogged about tea I remember I was traumatized by the green vanilla tea experience. Well, I have surged on beyond that to better flavours and darker teas. Read the rest of this entry »


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The big picture Pt 2

Between doing completely unrelated tasks (as you do on holidays) and running around after various children I have been busy working on the kayaks for this picture.

Feeling confident about it all now I have decided to scan the pictures into Illustrator, create paths & therefore separate shapes with the pen tool and just colour in the shapes shading with the gradient mesh. All is going well, although I didn’t put enough consideration into the people in the kayaks and will have to go back later and give them a bit of personality – or at least a face!

This is just what I have done so far…

I also have to arrange and shade the separate kayaks, as you see each one comes with it’s own shadow but I feel there should also be a bit of shade in the water under the kayak.

wish me luck…


My business cards cont..(2)

Still thinking about them and working on the original idea which I have firmly decided to steer away from as I have been researching printers in this area (as well as on the internet) and, for die cutting with a small amount of cards it will turn out to be extremely expensive. I was also having a bit of trouble working out the whole bleed and cutting marks situation for a curve as well, I will leave that sort of thing for when I have a bit more experience under my belt. Read the rest of this entry »


The Big Picture…

A canvas print, in a café, 1 meter on one side, illustrator and vector only and something to do with our area of the world. I have chosen (after more than my share of procrastination) to produce a simple picture of water and three kayaks all of the most bright and unnatural colours. Of course I have to put people in the kayaks. I decided to do this because the river is my absolute favourite part of the Coast, it is where I go when I have nowhere else to go. The kayaks are magnifigent to watch and if I am not out there paddling in the middle of the creek myself I love to stand on the bridge or sit with friends on the bank and watch others.

I have a few inspirational photos I have taken on my morning walks: Read the rest of this entry »