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Adobe CS5 Roadshow

The Adobe Roadshow to promote the new CS5 suite was in the city in Brisbane, another student and myself went along to see what they had to show for themselves. It was well presented and organised with all the speakers happy and working to a tight schedule. They kept us entertained by communication one on one with the audience and bribing us to join in by giving away many a rubics cube to people with good suggestions or correct answers. Of course the free coffee was great too, nothing like a room full of designers with free coffee, looking at more than 250 new features that are going to make their work of design, print and production easier, faster and more efficient.

The biggest news of the entire event, aside from all the small but important improvements, for Adobe would of been the release of the new Flash Catalyst which is intended to facilitate the work of designers with regard to creation of interactive content. “From now on designers will have possibility to create expressive Web application interfaces and design interaction without writing code.” It seems to be simple enough for designers familiar with photoshop, illustrator and indesign to transform their artwork and images created in these applications into interactive user interfaces in Read the rest of this entry »


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more on the big picture

Enlarging the one I am working on by 550% gives me the idea of what it will look like in the end. I have compleated the last kayak and popped him in, added lips & eyes, and I really think it looks better with no details, just colours and lines that way. It really emanates the feeling of kayaking, simple, no fussy bits, just the necessary things like: you, the kayak, and the water (& the paddle). Read the rest of this entry »


The big picture Pt 2

Between doing completely unrelated tasks (as you do on holidays) and running around after various children I have been busy working on the kayaks for this picture.

Feeling confident about it all now I have decided to scan the pictures into Illustrator, create paths & therefore separate shapes with the pen tool and just colour in the shapes shading with the gradient mesh. All is going well, although I didn’t put enough consideration into the people in the kayaks and will have to go back later and give them a bit of personality – or at least a face!

This is just what I have done so far…

I also have to arrange and shade the separate kayaks, as you see each one comes with it’s own shadow but I feel there should also be a bit of shade in the water under the kayak.

wish me luck…


The Big Picture…

A canvas print, in a café, 1 meter on one side, illustrator and vector only and something to do with our area of the world. I have chosen (after more than my share of procrastination) to produce a simple picture of water and three kayaks all of the most bright and unnatural colours. Of course I have to put people in the kayaks. I decided to do this because the river is my absolute favourite part of the Coast, it is where I go when I have nowhere else to go. The kayaks are magnifigent to watch and if I am not out there paddling in the middle of the creek myself I love to stand on the bridge or sit with friends on the bank and watch others.

I have a few inspirational photos I have taken on my morning walks: Read the rest of this entry »