Testing the Movie

Ok, that didn’t take too long at all really, I could have spent a lot longer working on the music and mucking about but that’s just not me, I want to find out if it works before I spend a lot of time getting it just right.

Now I wonder if I can put it up here…

No I can’t, well I could if I was willing to pay wordpress $59 to do it, so I’ll just put it up on facebook.

Please visit my facebook page to find out more:


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Free Music

Creating photo albums is a lovely job, full of other peoples memories, happy times and achievements.

Deciding to add music to these slide shows and turn them into DVD movies could really pay off for me, the only snag I hit was the lack of available music around. I did come across a couple of fantastic sites that sold the downloads for a reasonable price, the links to my favourite of these are:  (a wordpress site, no less) and . But I really just wanted something to experiment with until I found out if it would be a popular option or not, and if I can actually put the photos to music without it all appearing a little odd.

The solution: open up garage band & make my own!

Wish me luck.

I will be posting album + music if it all turns out ok – and hopefully in not too long a time…

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A day in the life of me

Thursday in March I carried my phone everywhere I went and took a photo anytime I did something, or rather changed what I was doing as I often did something but sometimes it took a while.

I made a quick slideshow of this, hope you enjoy……


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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A day at the pond.

Working with ‘the Pitman‘ as I do the  office duties sometimes get a bit stretched beyond the office, but I’m not sun sensitive so I’ll have a go at whatever they throw my way.

Recently we cleaned out a fish pond, sounds easy you say? Not when the pond is bigger then the truck which is used to carry away the sludge, and certainly not when the pond hasn’t been cleaned for at least 20 years. I must admit it was two of the most fun days I’ve had for a long time and I think the knowledge of not having to do exactly the same again (unlike cleaning the shower) added to that fun.

While we were working (or should I say while everyone else was working) I took a couple of photos with my phone and thought I’d throw them together and try my hand at making a slide show, I need the practice and a slide show isn’t just something you can make from boring meaningless family snaps now is it.

Now, challenge number two; to upload the slide show to the blog. I have been able to put a few up on my web site, but that was through dreamweaver which made it super simple, wordpress is a challenge I haven’t faced yet…

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Vote for the book cover please

There is a book cover design competition on at the moment which I thought I’d enter, it is to re-design the cover for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson. We are not to have it relating in any way to any cover that has been already designed for it – which is quite a few when you google them, and they took all the easy obvious images of girls, dragon tattoos etc.

Well, I watched the movie last Tuesday and really enjoyed it – I would of liked to read the book but time restrictions & too many other things to do are putting a stop to that. The feeling I got from the movie was that of darkness, secrets, forbidden stuff & mystery and I decided to try to portray that in my cover design. I worked on it today and ended up doing three. The first was the one I had in my mind when I began but I’m not happy with it and what I ended up with doesn’t look anything like the one that was in my mind but I finished it quickly and it was a good warm – up exercise for me.


The other two are a bit more like I imagined, and I’m relatively happy with them, I thought I’d share them with the world & listen to what anyone else has to say, then after a couple of days I’ll be able to come back to it and make something I really like. Here are the other two.

2.3. (this one was largely accidental with the colours, but I did intend to make the type look like it will be foiled when printed & I think this has that look.)

Let me know what you think, either in the comments or just leave me a message – I have added many buttons to the blog now so it is easy to share too.


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