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Australia brings in $30 note!

I can hardly believe it myself, but, yes it’s just what the Australian economy needs. How many times have you got to the shops and had to hand over $40 for something that costs $30 and then spend minutes waiting around for your change?

Imagine how easy life would be with the new and easy to use $30 note, no more spending 10 minutes hunting through every pocket for a $10 note, or a handful of change, just to avoid waiting 30 seconds for the cashier to give you change from a 50!

WELL, those days are no more. That’s right, NO MORE!

The new $30 note is not only convenient but it is so attractive you will want to scan it and use it as a screen saver so you can see it for evermore. With its loveable icons features on its themed around the unsung Aussie hero’s of the garden shed: the Hills hoist founder (Lance Hill) and the Victa lawnmower founder (Mervyn Victor Richardson) both who worked tirelessly in their backyard sheds to improve Australia, from the backyard out. Harry Williamson is teaching us to do the best we can, and with his encouragement I feel I am almost doing the best I can.

Well I bet you are just waiting on the edge of your seats to see it, and here it is… yes the most convenient, most attractive, most wanted by the Australian people… the 30 dollar note, as designed by Robyn Rand:

side A

Side B


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Packaging is my Cup of Tea

This  is posted by a guest blogger: Rita Masarin.

Starting from the first stage of our tea packaging assignment using 6 thinking hats   created by Edward d Bono ‘s  decision making technique  We too had to create our own thinking hats and wear them while role playing our coloured hats.  To the next stage  (  really fun bit) ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’. Whilst we were brain storming  and blogging our tea packaging ideas we were getting onto some yummy cake tasting and sipping exotic teas. Read the rest of this entry »


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it is said that recession provokes artists, designers
and alike to create some of their best work but for some
people money is the constant source of question
regardless of the economic climate.

money is many different things at the same time.
it’s a work of art, a medium of exchange, a representation
of value, one, which most people take for granted.
everybody has their own answers when it comes to
money yet we think that it is more generative and
engaging to think about values and doubt.
it is a balancing force.

money creates a mood of euphoria.
money is one of the major constituents in determining
what our lives feel like, what our typical day feels like.
money also represents our society. it’s everywhere
but money is just an idea – an abstract measurement. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posters, flyers and such

Some of the work I have been doing has been for the Murwillumbah Theatre company (yes I learnt to spell Murwillumbah pretty quickly) who were generous enough to take on a student. It was a bit frightening for me and I soon learnt to combine the best ideas I had with the verbal clues given over the telephone as to what was desired by the director of the play. She, no doubt, had a predetermined idea of what she wanted and how she wanted it presented, so after chatting for a while I came up with some pretty good samples.

The poster was the easiest bit as I have had a bit of experience with those as well as with the flyers, but I was a bit terrified of the banner, it was only lately that I found out all I had to do for the banner was to supply the artwork to the sign writers and they took care of the rest. Phew! I like sign writers, actually I would really enjoy Read the rest of this entry »


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Currency creation

Harry Williamson, one of our lecturers (who I’m absolutely in awe of) has given us a very interesting assignment, mainly to teach us to summarise our work and sort it in an orderly enough fashion that will let us construct an acceptable re-briefing letter. We are to design a bank-note, organise the images, value, security, etc. as well as work out how many hours this will take us for billing purposes, the entire printing processes involved, cost & time of said printing processes as well as many many other issues that would be involved in the making of this currency. Read the rest of this entry »


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